The Unruly Self

This post comes a little late, but with warm feelings and happy memories, even though it is very different from anything I’ve written in the past.

These weeks have been full of news, full of discoveries and full of uncertainties, but I have decided to embrace and accept them with patience and self-confidence, without letting me lose heart.
I took a kind of trip into the past, I tried to remember who I am based on what I liked over time. Freedom and music, my identity. It had been a long time since I gave myself such a space for myself, and it made me regain possession of myself in full.

Music, in particular, has a seductive effect on me. Listen to it, connect the words of the lyrics to memory and memories. Hearing the notes of the guitar accompanying a melody takes me back in time, and I have the extraordinary ability to remember every moment associated with it.
It probably doesn’t work for everyone, but every time I need to find myself, I throw myself on my favorite notes and start traveling as if I were in the world of Fantàsia. It is a simple but very powerful thing.

And I remembered. The unruly and rebellious girl who ran away from home to dance late. Who covered each other with friends to be able to do whatever we wanted. That she suffered because none of the greats liked everything she did, and she was constantly punished for being the way she was. And these experiences, these memories are now engraved in the lyrics of the music that I listened to and loved.
I looked at the photos of the past by now very distant, but only by listening to the songs of the time I associated those photos with the feelings I felt and the confusion of joy and pain I felt inside, and I was so excited that I felt again as I was at the era, naive, curious, enterprising, and nothing, absolutely nothing could have dissuaded me from having fun.

That way of being happy it’s what I’m rediscovering now, with more awareness and clarity.

Associations are important, let’s use them for a good purpose.

P.S. To my old friends (you know who), you are always in my heart!