I’m Luna, I love traveling, freedom, self-improvement and empowering myself and others

My name is Luna,

I am a lively and playful creature who has had to go through many challenging experiences in life, continues to face them, but always tries to remember the teachings of NLP, Abraham Hicks, and even Yoga.

I was born and raised in Rome; I have traveled, since I was a child, both in Italy and abroad, and I always have my bags ready for a new adventure. But while traveling and living abroad, I discovered how important it is to know yourself well, to face life with serenity, humility, but also a lot of enthusiasm. However, often we have mental programs that prevent us from making truly conscious paths, and achieving a deep, lasting joy.

My intent in this blog is not to educate others, but to share my experiences and challenges with you, to get passionate about this path with trust and dedication; like in a fashion magazine, where you are shown how the world dresses, but which doesn’t tell you how you should dress. You choose what to wear.

I’m Antonella, a recovering people-pleaser and hopeless perfectionist on a mission to harmonize the world through empathy and love.

My name is Antonella,

I’ve been navigating through life for 35+ years and my map has progressively become more blurred. After years of safe driving along the corporate America success highway, I started questioning my direction and losing motivation. Curious to explore new possibilities and eager to reignite my passion, I finally decided to swerve off road, onto an exploratory journey around the world.

I’m now in Rome, Italy, carving my own path on uncertain terrain with no street signs nor google maps for direction. The destination is still unknown or subject to frequent change, but I feel I’m exactly where I need to be. It’s often scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.

I look around and see a world full of people like me, venturing on similar journeys and longing for nothing more than connection and belonging. So I’m here hoping we find each other, to uplift and encourage one other along our beautifully mysterious paths.