How to empower your life and live your perfect “Dolce Vita”.

When you have a friend and they have the same interest that you have, a similar background and a strong will to improve, something magic happens.

Friends become a team.

Two Eureka girls was created to share our personal growth, our life experience, our struggles and our happy moments.

In here, we like to talk about life coaching, about motivation, NLP, and a lot of other things that are important to us. We are doing this to bond with readers, to create connections, to empower and also express ourselves.

You, as readers, are also part of our team.

You are more than welcome to ask us questions, to give us suggestions, to create a debate, and to share your insights.

Coaching is all about communication, and communication does not go one direction only.

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The Unruly Self

This post comes a little late, but with warm feelings and happy memories, even though it is very different from anything I’ve written in the past. These weeks have been full of news, full of discoveries and full of uncertainties, but I have decided to embrace and accept them with patience and self-confidence, without letting … Continue reading The Unruly Self

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